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Evan Kolker is a sculptor working primarily in glass and metal. Working with glass for more than 20 years, the majority of his artwork is created using glassblowing and hot sculpting techniques. His knowledge of sculpting metal also contributes to his detailed and life-like sculptures. He is best known for his sculpture series of various Nepenthes species (pitcher plants). These pieces take a great deal of time to create, times ranging from two hours to blow and sculpt each flower, to 120 hours to sculpt the metal leaves and sculpture base. Evan's sculptures have been exhibited across the US and abroad in galleries and museums, including 111 Minna Gallery, Public Glass, Pittsburgh Glass Center, Petaluma Arts Center, Hive Contemporary, Habatat Galleries, National Liberty Museum, and Wesleyan University. 


Growing up Evan had an intense fascination with nature that has only gotten stronger as an adult. As a kid he would spend his days looking under rocks and exploring the woods near his childhood home in Baltimore, Maryland. Finding bugs, reptiles, plants and animals, he grew to appreciate the natural world. He explains "Over the years I've learned that love, fear, passion, and pain can be interpreted in certain archetypes in nature, and are expressed via our inventions. Beauty, creation, death and decay, all concepts ingrained in our primal psychology are inherent to our individual and collective survival. Through my artwork, I seek to interpret my understanding of complex and fascinating creatures; wether it be the Nepenthes (aka, the asian pitcher plant) or the Pangolin."

The custom glass work he does for his clients is the result of detailed planning, design and vision. Each project is carefully crafted to the clients specifications and needs. From custom lighting, to jewelry displays for NY Fashion Week, to terrariums, and chandeliers, Evan create custom pieces that help his clients to envision, enhance and highlight their personal and professional ideas. He's had the pleasure of working with artists and designers from around the world and has had his hand in products featured in Oprah Magazine, dwell, American Craft, and even at New York Fashion Week.

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